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The best experience of my life. I doubt anything will ever top it.

Pre-travel info 2014 – If you’re travelling to Kenya with us this summer, click here to find out everything you need to know about your trip!

What is the KOP Student Programme?

The KOP Student Programme offers a unique opportunity to learn about global child health, to support orphaned and vulnerable children and develop valuable skills.

It’s an incredible opportunity to visit some of the projects KOP supports to meet the children, learn about the challenges they face and see first-hand the positive impact your fundraising makes.

First KOP group in 2002

The Student Programme aims to inspire students to take an active role in improving opportunities for children living without the opportunities most of us in the UK take for granted: access to food, healthcare and school.  By teaching you about challenges faced by such children on our Global Child Health Course and giving you the chance to understand those challenges first-hand in Kenya, we hope you’ll be inspired to help make the world a better place.

There are all sorts of ways for you to do this: though donating to KOP and other valuable causes; through raising awareness; supporting campaigns; through academia or your future career; and through persuading friends and companies to consider the impact their decisions have on the developing world and to stand up for those people whose best interests are often either unheard or ignored.

Together we can help all children thrive.

  • Not-for-Profit

    We’re a charity and we do not profit from running the Student Programme. Our motivations for running the programme are to support children and to educate university students about poverty to inspire you to become advocates for change.

  • Responsible volunteering

    The Student Programme is not an ordinary volunteering programme: it’s a practical learning experience. We recognise that students don’t always have the experience or qualifications necessary to run our projects and it is not sustainable for the projects to be dependent on un-trained students.  Our work isn’t dependent on student visits; rather it compliments and enhances our work and that of our Kenyan partners.

    The biggest contribution our students make is through fundraising (100% of which supports the children in Kenya). The trip to Kenya is a motivation to fundraise and an opportunity to actually see what your fundraising is supporting, to learn about international development and to encourage you to continue helping make positive change in the future, either on a personal or professional level.

  • Work in Partnership

    We believe local Kenyan people are the best people to identify needs within their community so we work in partnership with Kenyan NGOs in order to seek solutions and provide support.

  • Experienced and Professional

    Based in Bristol, we have a small team managing the Student Programme and KOP’s development work in Kenya.  KOP has over 10 years of experience in sending student groups to Kenya and has now facilitated over 1,000 students visits to our projects in Kisumu.

    We have established relationships with partners in Kenya and we’ve developed safety nets to ensure we the best measures in place to support our students during the programme.

  • Personal Approach

    Being a small charity, all of our staff and Trustees in the UK have visited our projects on the ground and therefore:

    • we all have a direct understanding of the challenges facing orphaned and vulnerable children in Western Kenya and the importance of our work
    • we all work closely with our partners in Kenya to develop collaborative programmes
    • we have all met the children we support and therefore have a personal connection to KOP’s beneficiaries
  • Responsive to Feedback

    We receive great feedback from our students and Kenyan partners but we are always open to suggestions for improvement. We give students the chance to share their opinions with us and we constantly strive to improve the programme, to ensure the experience is as positive as possible for students and our projects

2014 KOPpers need to submit personal details before travelling to Kenya this summer – please follow the link to access your account!

Student Programme 2014 – have you done the following…?


Research your visa requirements on the Kenya High Commission website.  UK passport holders need a VISA for travel to Kenya. If you’re not a UK passport holder, please check if you need one on the High Commision’s list of countries. 

If you do need a visa, then we recommend that you apply now, or at the absolute latest – a month before your departure date.

Just read the visa requirements, edit and sign this draft supporting letter, and download and fill in the application form. When filling in the application form, for question 6. a) put ‘Holiday’ and for question 7. put Ogra Foundation, P.O.Box 3050-40100, Kisumu, Kenya, Tel: +254 (0)708841850 / Email: info@kopafrica.org .  Send all the required information with a Postal Order for your visa, made payable to ‘Kenya High Commission’.


We recommend that you start thinking about vaccinations as early as possible. Book a pre-travel consultation with your GP well in advance of travel, discuss all medical issues with them and then decide which vaccines to get based on their recommendation and the National Travel Health Network & Centre guidelines (NaTHNac) available on their website.

Ultimately it is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to get any of the vaccinations. KOP can simply advise based on the information available to us, which we share with you. In Kenya, you are responsible for obtaining and paying for any medical treatment, though in reality KOP will always offer support and guidance.


You need to make sure you have appropriate travel insurance for your trip. Travel insurance is not included in the cost of the programme and you must book and pay for your own cover.

For more information about insurance and recommended cover, please log-in to your KOP account here and click on the What you need to know > Insurance tab on the left-hand menu.

Then once you have chosen what insurance you will use please submit the appropriate information in the What you need to do > Submit Travel Details section of your KOP Account, along with your flight details.

What others say about us

The trip was an amazing experience, I have really enjoyed it and feel that we have made a real difference together and our fundraising was really worth the effort  would definitely recommend it! Thank you!

Laura2012, Liverpool

Thank you for two incredible weeks. It really was a life-changing experience. All staff were so sincere and kind making you feel your contributions were valuable. I really feel like I was able to make a difference. I learnt so much and I am definitely going to return! All of the children were amazing in so many ways; I felt so inadequate. I miss KOP every day!! It is an incredible charity and I feel honoured to have been (and remain) a part of it.

Jess2011, Kings

Can’t believe I have to leave again :( Thanks for everything and I can’t thank you enough for what KOP has given me. Great trip once again.

James2010 & 2012, Nottingham Leader 2012

I have had one of the best experiences of my life while I was in Africa, everyone was so friendly and warm, the children were adorable, and I hope we made as bigger impact on heir lives as they have on mine.

Anna2013, Glasgow

My experience in Kenya has been truly life changing and I have learnt a lot from it. Thank you to KOP for everything!  :)

Daisy2012, Liverpool

KOP was an amazing experience and was well worth the time and money. It is really good to see where all your money goes and it makes raising the money feel so much more worth while. I loved every minute of it.

Ben2011, Nottingham

I am so glad and grateful that I managed to take part in the student programme, it was a really great experience and I would recommend it to everyone! We were very well looked after and supported. I think we took for granted the free lunch, in the UK anyone on a low income gets free lunch and I think we only realised the importance of it when we went on the home visits, they were really eye opening! Anna and I went travelling afterwards and during that time we went to stay in a Masai Village and visit another traditional village, both near Arusha. There most of the children came to school without breakfast and did not get lunch. That made our KOP experience seem all the more valuable and how amazing it would be if the Health Start programme could go nation wide!!

Athena2013, Glasgow

Coming back to Kenya for the second time was just as good, if not better, than last year’s trip.  I had so much fun leading our motley crew from Leeds and even more fun working with the boys from HOVIC teaching them about health and hygiene.   The boys are so enthusiastic and willing to learn!  Seeing the projects one year on, including the now finished classrooms at Alendu was a fantastic experience.  They have all progressed and developed so well and I felt so proud to have been apart of it.

Everyone at KOP and the project partners work so hard to help those who need that extra push and support to fulfil their potentials.  I cannot wait to continue working with KOP and become involved in the exciting new projects and experiences KOP 2011 have to offer!  Thank you to everyone at KOP and especially the fantastic Leeds team  for making my year as President at Leeds one of the most challenging but one of the best of my life.  Good luck for the future and heres to KOP 2011!!

Pip2009 & 2010, Leeds President 2010