Our vision is a world where all children thrive through health and education.

Our mission is to work in partnership with local organisations to deliver school based health and nutrition interventions and to inspire groups of young people to become advocates for change.

Kisumu, Kenya

Currently, the majority of our projects are in and around the city of Kisumu in western Kenya. It’s one of the poorest regions in Kenya and has the highest rates of HIV transmission.

Kisumu is perched on Lake Victoria and surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Meet the team

KOP’s team are dedicated to changing the lives of vulnerable children through health and education.

Made up of Trustees, Staff, Volunteers, our Project Partners on the ground, our Student Programme Participants and the amazing people who support us in a huge array of ways – the team is strong and it is growing!

The history of KOP

KOP was started by 3 medical students at Nottingham University in 2001.

In our first year we took a small group of Nottingham students to Kenya to help with the building of a community hospital. The founders of KOP felt that the learning and experience enjoyed by the students was so significant that they designed a student programme to be linked to project work and it is this structure that is at the core of KOP. KOP has been supporting projects in Kenya and linking UK KOP university groups to these projects since. Over the years many UK students have participated in the KOP student programme with 14 UK universities now represented.

Although proud of our history, KOP is looking forward to and working hard for an exciting future in which we can encourage participation in working towards a better life for the world’s most impoverished children.