• Our projects change lives

Since 2012 KOP has supported over 15 different projects in and around the city of Kisumu in western Kenya. We’re currently funding six projects that include schools in our HealthStart project, feeding centres and shelters for street children. Please take a look at our different projects and help us change lives.

£50 would pay for soap to keep 75 pairs of hands clean enough to eat from, without risk of infection, for 3 months.


Over the years we’ve learnt that just tackling one problem – say food – means the damage done by other problems – like water – are exacerbated. The best way is to provide a suite of support where possible. With our HealthStart programme we’re trying to create a framework that we can plug different services into.

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  • School meals

    School meals are the main pillar of our programme which allows us to offer the rest of our interventions most effectively.

  • Clean, safe water

    Access to safe clean water is still limited across Kenya.

  • Deworming

    Deworming is an critical part of tackling school attendance and performance.

  • Malaria

    Malaria nets are the most effective defence against the world’s biggest killer.

  • Health, family planning and life skills teaching

    It’s essential that the children receive guidance and support.

Community based services

For support services that we offer through our project partners such as daily feeding, malaria nets, deworming and health education, it is essential that they are delivered with the local community. We ensure our schools and centres build strong relationships with parents, guardians and other community members.

Social enterprise

It is essential that we work with our partners to find ways of allowing the projects to develop a sustainable income stream of their own, in order that the services can continue into the future with or without our support. This has included chicken rearing, milk production, farming, fish ponds and selling clean water.

Data and measurement

We are dedicated to learning as much as we can from each service we support, to ensure that we constantly improve what we offer. We need to know that every pound we spend is having the greatest impact for the children we’re doing this for.

Our project partners

We deliver all our services with the support of local NGO partners. Without their work we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.