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£50 would pay for soap to keep 75 pairs of hands clean enough to eat from, without risk of infection, for 3 months


Over the years we’ve learnt that just tackling one problem – say food – means the damage done by other problems – like water – are exacerbated. The best way is to provide a suite of support where possible. With our HealthStart programme we’re trying to create a framework that we can plug different services into.

Social enterprise

We work with the schools and feeding centres to build capacity for them to raise their own funds through social enterprise.

Community based services

It is essential for the success of our projects that they are delivered from within the local community.

  • School meals

    School meals are the main pillar of our programme which allows us to offer the rest of our interventions most effectively.

  • Clean, safe water

    Access to safe clean water is still limited across Kenya.

  • Deworming

    Deworming is a critical part of tackling school attendance and performance.

  • Malaria

    Malaria nets are the most effective defence against one of the world’s biggest killers.

  • Health, family planning and life skills teaching

    It’s essential that the children receive guidance and support.

Some of our projects

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